Like, not to brag or anything but...

I'm pretty chuffed with the new layout I've set up for my Lose Weight No Bullshit page.

For those of you who just don't know, that's my FREE weight loss education AND exercise program, and also my weight loss scam busting blog where I pick fights with dickheads corrupting the industry. It's just a free theme that I tweaked a little and made my own header for but as previously stated, I'm pretty chuffed with how it looks now.

Also I'm pretty chuffed with this new entry over on my main business website talking about Why Diet And Exercise Doesn't Work. That might seem like a strange thing for me to say, but really it's quite true, isn't it?

People who are always going on and off diets only seem to keep getting further and further away from their goal of simply being a "historically normal" size and condition. And all those machines and exercise programs on the TV that all claim to burn more calories than anything else... how many people do you know who ever got into shape just mindlessly trudging it out on one of those things in the name of "burning calories"?

None I'll bet.

Now like I say over on the main article... a diet is something you go on to make up for being inactive. If you're activity level is less than normal, you only need to eat a normal amount and you'll get fat. Now, most people are both inactive and eating more than would be required for a moderately active person, so their outcome is more dramatic than just getting a little fat and a bit out of shape.

Dieting alone is a poor strategy, as it ignores your psychological need to be able to enjoy plenty of delicious foods every day. Being inactive means you just can't put all that much fuel to use, so you're quite limited in what choices of foods will not put you into excess of your requirements. So, I don't like any of these restrictive diets that are popular nowadays but for an inactive person with such low fueling requirements, you could see how they would be necessary. Necessary, but still impossible to stick to.

When you're inactive, you need to limit to a low level of intake. Now, the way most people exercise with a focus on nothing other than "burning calories" is a way to achieve the same ends. You simply burn off all the fuel, so in effect you end up at the same amount. But that's not good.

Now when people are both restricting their intake AND exercising with a view to burning hundreds of calories, this is really a destructive course of action. Unfortunately, it's also the one that most of this industry as well as a bunch of other dangerous morons on the internet will promote.

Starving and burning calories off like this is no way to achieve your goal body type and condition. You need to train strategically to build your goal body, not just to destroy the body you have now. By training strategically for strength, health and functionality, we require more fuel. This means we will see better results even while eating more, and including some of whatever makes us happy.


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