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  Current Availability at Doherty's Gym, January 2018.

I'm not actively looking for new Personal Training clients at the moment, but if you're a local who's interested in working through all of the systems and strategies available in my Online Coaching programs, with me in person at one of the world's most legendary gyms, read on for the details.

Actually it's kind of funny... because I first started putting online programs together for the people who'd tell me "I wish I lived closer so that I could come and train with you". Now though, personal training is just for the people who want to be a part of my online program, but happen to live close enough to come and work towards their goals with me in person.

Here's what it's gonna take if you want results:

  •  Follow your Custom Sports Nutrition Strategy.
    • Set your meal & snack schedule.
    • Plan in advance to come in on target each day.
  • Follow your training program.
    • Usually 4x strength routines from me.
    • And your choice of other activities the other days.
  • Report in online 3x per week to stay enthusiastic and on track.  

Listen up though:

I had a frustrating time of it last year for some reason with people who'd tell me they had read up about my approaches and that it was exactly what they needed, but then show up for an in-person consultation to inform me "here's what I want instead".

I'm here for the people who actually want to benefit from my knowledge and experience, and who want to follow the approaches and strategies that have made my clients all over the world so happy. If you're looking for something else, that's fine, but jump back on google and find someone who actually offers that approach, please. 

Current Packages On Personal Training & Sports Nutrition

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