3 PBs in 3 days!

Well, I've had a pretty good week so far!

Here's a video from today, setting a new personal best on One Arm Dumbbell Rows. 65kg, for 4 (and a half!) reps. You can see it's too heavy for me to control very much on the eccentric part of the exercise, but I'm was pretty damn pleased with this all the same.

Next up is a new 4 rep max on dumbbell press, 50kg each hand. Very happy with this!

Finally here is the big one... new deadlift PB from Monday. This is 165kg, close enough to double bodyweight. You can see it took me a couple of tries to get focussed enough, but I got there in the end!

Currently feeling VERY fired up about beating all of these in the weeks ahead!


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