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It's a long time been blog entries but I have some exciting news!

I'm about to unveil my brand new "No Bullshit, No Excuses" training program. As the name implies, this program discards every myth, half truth, fad and fallacy and just gives you the simple facts, the stuff that works. What's more, when you learn & truly understand this stuff, there is absolutely no excuse for not sticking with it and making it work. Because it's EASY.

Sounds like every other marketing spiel right? Well, like I said, this time it is NO BULLSHIT.

As always this program is about building a lean, toned, attractive and aesthetic physique. This means less fat, and more lean mass. Improved health, posture and general happiness and well being are the bonus extras!

Stay tuned for more on this. Get excited, I am!

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