Monday, April 16, 2012

Trafalgar fitness centre.

I was talking about Personal Training In The Latrobe Valley over on the other blog and the big news is that I'm now dividing my time between my usual location here in Brunswick, and the new gym in Trafalgar.

I should be kept nice and busy in the weeks ahead, and expect to have a lot of success stories to report.

So. Of course I'll be bringing my rather unique (but 100% successful) combination of weight training + IIFYM nutrition strategy. I say unique although I actually stick just the very very simple, logical, common sense stuff which funnily enough is the stuff that works. I think it is true for most things in life, when you have experience and understanding of something, it isn't about taking a complicated approach to be successful. You might think that the more you know, the finer details you can go into and achieve more than someone armed with only half the knowledge. In actual fact, success usually comes from understanding something well enough to make it simple and straight forward, rather than complicated and intricate.

So in trying to know too much and over complicate things... we end up with too much information, too many "rules" to abide by and it becomes like a puzzle with pieces that don't go together.

IIFYM puts this into practice by discarding all the false information that is either (a) simply not factual or (b) not important to the goals of ordinary people trying to get into extraordinary shape. Similarly my workout programs are very simple and focus on simple push, pull, bend & extend movements, rather than any fancy, complicated or difficult exercises that a trainer might use to demonstrate how advanced their abilities are.

I say keep it simple, stick to the stuff that gets the best results easily, and throw out anything that doesn't work.