Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why you should come to Group Training in Oakleigh

Man have you noticed how popular bootcamps are these days? They're everywhere! I know there's a lot of trainers doing really well out of them and that's great because it means lots of people getting active and having some fun and hopefully seeing results in terms of better health, weight loss, cardiovascular fitness and so on.

Why are they so popular though? Well I think mostly because they're a lot of fun and it's a great social activity as well. I think for a lot of people it's easier to stay motivated about fitness and training when there's also a social element, as you're with a group of people on the same wavelength who are doing something positive and enjoyable, and having a great time. Can you ever really know enough people like that? I don't think so!

Starting the day with a great exercise session like this will leave energised and in a great mood for the working day ahead, and you'll be burning a lot of calories throughout the day.

Personal Training has some advantages over group fitness in that you get the trainer's undivided attention, and the program should be custom built specifically to address your needs and abilities. I have had some personal training clients comment that they have tried bootcamps but did not find it challenging enough. I can't speak for other trainers but I also include nutrition planning with personal training packages, which is not usually applicable to group sessions.

Those are the disadvantages of group training rather than one on one personal training, but lets look at the positives. Aside from the social aspect we've already discussed, group fitness is usually quite inexpensive and great for those on a tight budget. The training is usually fast paced, incorporating circuit and interval training, boxing drills and other highly enjoyable exercises and activities.

So we've established that group training is awesome, but why should you come to DHPT early morning indoor bootcamps? Well for all the reasons we've already discussed, but also we're indoors and not likely to get stuck out in the rain and cold. Also being at the Combat Academy you can be sure we'll be utilising real boxing and kickboxing techniques. As well as this, count on lots of bodyweight resistance exercise to build toned muscles, change body composition and put your body into a calorie burning mode for the rest of the day.

We start in February, sign up now for unbeatable, never to be repeated, ridiculous special packages.