Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Martial Arts and Personal Training In Oakleigh


This is the first post on the new blog I just started to talk about the new Martial Arts Dojo and Personal Training Studio we are opening up in Oakleigh. This is a joint venture between Combat Academy and my personal training business.

At this stage, my understanding is that we have a great location organised which we should take possession of in early January. I've been working out my wish-list of equipment and we'll be going shopping on Thursday and hopefully ordering everything then. As you probably know, as well as free weights and machines I am a big fan of resistance bands and bodyweight resistance training so you can expect the new studio to be set up accordingly. Of course there will also be some cardio equipment and lots of open space for interval and circuit training.

The Combat Academy already has 3 very successful clubs including one with Personal Training available in Mornington, so we're very confident that we can make the new club at Oakleigh a great success too.

Keep watching this blog and you'll be able to see it all come together! Of course, we'll be having some great deals and special offers for the first people to sign up for PT at the new club, so be sure to get in while the getting is good!