Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Personal Training equipment for the new studio in Oakleigh

I'm now almost running out of space in my spare room due to stockpiling a stack of personal training gear ready for opening of the new studio.

The big expensive stuff is already ordered and will be delivered once we're ready for it, sometime in January. A lot of what I like to use in Personal Training and especially Group Fitness sessions is relatively small inexpensive stuff, although of course for group sessions you do need lots of it!

So I've got a stack of exercise balls (stability balls? they have a dozen names for the same thing!) piled up ready to go, and a whole heap of resistance bands should be delivered soon. I still need an assortment of medicine balls, steps, and plyometric boxes and I'll be chasing those up next.

It's all coming together nicely! Watch this space for more news.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's not to late to get in shape for Summer.

I hate to say anything at all negative but I have a bit of a complaint; it's supposed to be SUMMER and I'm sitting here with long pants, long sleeves and last night I even wore a jacket and beanie because for some reason it's still COLD and WET! And this after knuckling down and training & dieting harder than ever all Spring to be ready to hit the beach and the pool?

It's good news though for anyone who's left it until now to start getting into better shape, because (disclaimer: I am not a meteorologist!) with any luck we'll have a late summer with nice weather lasting well into the New Year. So in other words, THERE IS STILL TIME to get fit for Summer!

I'm happy to report that I'm getting lots of enquiries from new clients for Personal Training in Brunswick and between this and the new studio we are setting up in Oakleigh, the new year is going to be nice and busy and I'll be having a great time helping lots of people to get into the best shape of their lives.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Required equipment in the Personal Training Studio

We've started shopping for the equipment for the new Personal Training studio in Oakleigh and it's all very exciting stuff.

As this is a joint venture with the Combat Academy, the place will be set up as a Martial Arts Dojo similar to their Mornington location, which suits me down to the ground. Most people who've trained with me know that I'm BIG on body weight resistance training, circuits and boxing and kickboxing drills, and it's nice to have a bit of space to move around while you're doing this stuff.

The bodyweight exercises are really essential to get people conditioned to moving through a full range of motion in natural human movements such as squats, lunges, bends (bending from the hips, for example deadlifts) and push ups. Deconditioned people who have previously had an inactive lifestyle often require some instruction and a lot of practice to be able to regain their natural ability to perform these movements, and even for quite well conditioned, relatively fit people body weight training (especially in circuit formats) can be a great and challenging workout resulting in improved muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

I focus a lot on this sort of training and incorporate resistance bands, medicine balls, steps and exercise balls along with the bodyweight techniques already discussed. Of course, I still want to be able to mix it up with some good old fashioned weight training as well, especially for my bodybuilding clients, so here's the list of equipment we've ordered so far.
  • Smith Machine,
  • Squat Rack,
  • High Cable (for pulldowns, etc)
  • Low Cable (for rows, cable curls and so forth) 
  • Preacher Curl Bench
  • Leg Extension
  • Leg Curl
  • Pec Dec
  • Dumbbells
  • Olympic Bar
  • 200kg of weights
as well as cardio gear such as;
  • Treadmill
  • Bike
  • Rower
I don't really like to put clients onto cardio machines for long periods of time in a PT session... but the rower is great for cardio assessment purposes, and I'll be encouraging people to come in early to warm up on the bike or treadmill before their session.

That's all for now but stay tuned for more updates!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Martial Arts and Personal Training In Oakleigh


This is the first post on the new blog I just started to talk about the new Martial Arts Dojo and Personal Training Studio we are opening up in Oakleigh. This is a joint venture between Combat Academy and my personal training business.

At this stage, my understanding is that we have a great location organised which we should take possession of in early January. I've been working out my wish-list of equipment and we'll be going shopping on Thursday and hopefully ordering everything then. As you probably know, as well as free weights and machines I am a big fan of resistance bands and bodyweight resistance training so you can expect the new studio to be set up accordingly. Of course there will also be some cardio equipment and lots of open space for interval and circuit training.

The Combat Academy already has 3 very successful clubs including one with Personal Training available in Mornington, so we're very confident that we can make the new club at Oakleigh a great success too.

Keep watching this blog and you'll be able to see it all come together! Of course, we'll be having some great deals and special offers for the first people to sign up for PT at the new club, so be sure to get in while the getting is good!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some photos of me after hiking up a mountain.

I went away last week and did a bit of bush walking, hiking, rock & mountain climbing.

I've always loved doing this sort of thing and for some reason it had been quite a few years since i last went out and enjoyed the wilderness. Anyway, you can see some pictures on my training blog of me before and after climbing the mountain. Also I'm wearing my awesome new Personal Training uniform! Well, the hoody anyway, not so much the jeans!

Click those links for the photos.

Personal Training In Oakleigh?

This is still top secret and yet to be confirmed, but if you're in the area or close by you might be interested to know that my friends over at the Combat Academy are talking about opening a new club including a Personal Training Studio In Oakleigh.

Stay tuned for updates on this, you'll hear it here first!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Unbeatable value on Personal Training in Brunswick & Melbourne CBD

I've just published my new Personal Training Packages for 2011.

The more people train, the better value they get. In fact if people sign up for 10 weeks of training, I'll give them an extra week for free and throw in a heap of other free stuff. It really is unbeatable value!

Prices for Personal Training in Brunswick.

Prices for Personal Training in Melbourne.